Parkview Student Registration

For New Student Registrations and Students Transferring into Westville from another School District

To register a child for enrollment into Westville School District, please read this page in its entirety and gather your documents before proceeding to the registration site.

Pictures or scans of all documents and forms will be accepted during the online registration process.

Copies of the following forms will be downloadable during the relevant sections of the online registration process, as well as from this page (you may not require all, depending on your specifics):


According to the Westville Board of Education Residency Policy, all students' parents or guardians must show proof of residency by providing the appropriate forms.
  • Homeowners, Please Provide:

    • Current Utility Bill
    • Mail in your name(s) at the listed addresses
    • Plus any one of:
      • Mortgage Deed
      • Current Tax Bill
      • Agreement of Sale
      • Mortgage Statement

  • Renters, Please Provide:

    • Current Utility Bill
    • Mail in your name(s) at the listed addresses
    • Current Lease (with expiration date)
    • Certificate of Occupancy listing parent/guardian and child's name on document

  • If you are RESIDING with a WESTVILLE RESIDENT, Please Provide:

    • Affidavit of Residency (Notarized)
    • Mail in your name(s) at the Westville address
    • Completed McKinney-Vento Form if you are living with resident due to financial hardship
    • Plus RESIDENT must provide ALL Home Owner or Renter documents, as applicable (please see above)


Per NJ state law and district policy, all students must have the following forms filed with the district to begin classes.
  • RECENT STATEMENT of GOOD HEALTH FORM completed by child's physician
    (Physical ONLY NEEDED if it is the FIRST TIME that your child will be attending a NJ Public School)
PreK and Kindergarten: Must be 4 yrs old (PreK) and 5yrs old (Kindergarten) on or before September 30th


Registration will not be completed until the student's online registration has been submitted, all proper documents have been received and approved, and you have received an email from the school office notifying you of registration finalization.

NOTE: Missing required documentation will only delay the registration process. Please, if you have any doubts, contact the school to determine whether the documents you have are acceptable. Contact: Kathy Nicholson, 856-456-0235x110

Here is a guide to the OnCourse Online Registration Process. You may refer to it for help in completing the registration process. Please be sure to choose the correct school year, depending on when your child will start. An incorrect school year will be discarded and you will need to begin the online registration process again.

Now that you have gathered all of the required documentation and read this page in its entirety, you may begin the registration process by clicking the button below.

IMPORTANT: Only begin this process by clicking the button below ONCE, per student.

You may find you need to take a break or come back to the registration site at a different time. If that is the case, your data will be saved after completed each section, but you must BE SURE to use the unique link that will be emailed to you at the start of the process.

Using the button below more than once per student will result in duplicate registrations and you will have to start over from scratch.