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Westville School District
101 Birch Ave. Westville NJ, 08093
Arrival & Dismissal Schedule
Office Hours: 8:00am-4:00pm
Emergency Closing Number: 832
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Dr. Shannon M. Whalen, Superintendent
Mr. Brian Dericks, Principal

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Mission Statement

Our commitment is to educate each child using a flexible and challenging curriculum, aligned with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards, which emphasizes a commitment to expand oral and written communication skills, integrate problem-solving strategies throughout the learning process, and effectively use technology for the advancement of student discovery and study.

We actively seek to promote a strong and positive bond between the school and community using the resources of each to provide opportunities for students to demonstrate good citizenship and acquire a life long sense of personal worth, dignity, and respect for others.

Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying
Our school district continues to make progress in addressing and improving harassment, intimidation, & bullying and the school climate & culture with a school-wide character education program. Children are rewarded for demonstrating positive behavior and outstanding role modeling. In addition, various activities are scheduled throughout the school year to encourage school spirit, family involvement, and a positive school climate. The results of this report are determined through a self assessment and the scoring is based out of a total of 78 total points over several categories.