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Gift Cards/Certificates For Technology

GL Scrip Order Form

Dear Parkview Families,

Over the last few years, state and federal funding has not increased relative to the rising costs to the district. Research has shown the benefits to students when technology is integrated into the curriculum. Westville's students deserve these benefits. The district has been looking for ways to raise money for technology without an additional burden to the taxpayers. We know you see many fundraisers come home during the year and they are all important to the programs offered at Parkview. We found a fundraiser that did not interfere with the Home and School, Student Council, or Yearbook fundraisers. It was very successful, and we will be continuing it this year.

The GLSCRIP Gift Certificate program is unique. Anyone wishing to purchase a gift certificate pays only the face value and the company makes the donation to the school. For example, if you want a Best Buy gift certificate for $25.00, you only pay $25.00 and Best Buy makes a contribution to the school. There are no extra costs to you, the company pays it all.

Besides buying the certificates as gifts, you can buy them to do your regular shopping. If you spend $300 a month at Shop Rite, you can buy $300 worth of certificates and use them yourself. Shop Rite will make a contribution to the school and you only spend what you normally would. Anyone can order, so please share this information with those who might be interested. People who order should each fill out their own order form and your child can return the forms to school. If you need additional forms, they will be available on the school website. We are requesting that orders be in by Friday of each week to be processed. The gift certificates should be in within two weeks of the Friday on which the order was submitted. New order forms will accompany each order. New stores and restaurants are joining the program all the time, and order forms are updated regularly.

The Holidays are approaching and the certificates make wonderful gifts. We hope you will participate in this fundraiser. Thank you for your continued support of the students at Parkview.


Shannon M. Whalen